Our story

Salomé Martin-Darras & Louis Falga are the founders of Umaniwear.

Born French, Salomé grew up between Zimbabwe, Italy, China and Senegal. Nourished by travels and various cultural influences since her youngest age, she began painting early on and became sensitive to art. During her youth, Salomé developed a passion for Chinese art and culture. She began drawing her first clothes and getting them made by a tailor in the hutongs (胡同: alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional Chinese courtyards) at the age of 15. She came back to Europe for her studies and graduated from the London School of Economics. Salomé joined Google where she was in charge of developing small and medium businesses. She moved to Paris in October 2017 to create Umaniwear.

Louis Falga started working with Salomé since day one. Born in Paris, he spent his childhood in London, Marseille and Beijing. He was fascinated by the permanent frenzy of Beijing, its extreme contrasts and extravagances. At the time, this environment sharpened his creativity and Louis came up with numerous business ideas. After his undergraduate studies, Louis undertook a Masters in Finance. He moved to Milan in 2016 where he was a portfolio manager in an asset management firm. From Milan, Louis helped Salomé in all her endeavours. In the Spring of 2018 he joined the entrepreneurial adventure, convinced that for-profit organizations can be a powerful vector of positive change.