Umaniwear is a brand that was born from the desire to demolish today’s social and cultural divides that we are told are fixed: north-south, local-foreign, known-unknown. Every step of our brand’s development is part of an activist approach.

Umaniwear’s identity is based on two characteristics. The first one is “One collection = One country”. Each collection represents an intense preliminary work where travels and encounters lead us to the most representative textiles of our partner country. The second component of our DNA is the use of minimalistic designs for the textile to stand out as the central element of each piece.

Many forms of art are functional. Some arts we live in, some arts we eat, and some arts we wear. Textiles are one of the oldest forms of art practiced by many cultures. Perhaps no one, however, has appreciated the art of textiles quite as long as the Chinese. Chinese textiles have a deep history in Asian culture and are amongst the most powerful forces in human history. This is why China is at the heart of our first Capsule Collection.