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Fashion is like art. It is one of society's cultural manifestations that can be analysed and decrypted. We use clothes as symbols to pass fundamental messages. We collaborate on many creative aspects with artists from around the world that exhibit unusual talents, often marked by remarkable stories. We create bridges between art & fashion to promote less known cultures by breaking down apriorism.



Le Studio des Formes is a graphic design studio based in Paris. Founded by Alban Leven, Gaël Gouault & Valentin Robinet in 2014, together they develop a conceptual approach to visual solutions. They bring to life original concepts and ideas tailored to our brand identity.

Le Studio des Formes is the backbone of our brand identity.



Native of Switzerland, Justine discovered early on how to play with reality and how to deconstruct it. She has already been exposed in three exhibitions “Cam Wow Retro”, “Sguardi Persi” and “Catch 20”. She focuses on photography as a possibility to play with what is true and what is false. In her series “The Death of Brigitte Bardot” exposed in LaRada and curated by Riccardo Lisi, Justine played with the pictures she took of her grandmother until her death and negatives from her family’s archives mixing them to obtain a mythological Brigitte Bardot of Ticino. Due to her insomnia and the intake of natural medicines, Justine created “Elle s’est mise à fleurir”. She makes fun of her sickness by portraying herself turning into a flower. Justine masters the art of tricking the observer, simply by following the guidelines that define a specific idea. Her ideal of beauty in photography is to deal with reality without having to face it directly.

Justine is our official photographer.




Mehdi Yamohammadi, was born in Iran in 1979. He has a specialization in sculpture and has taught at various Iranian Universities. In 2009, he was nominated for the sculpture section at the Iran Fajr grand festival and was also nominated for the modern arts section at the Azadegan festival. In 2011 his sculpture "The Bird"  was installed in Aarhus, Denmark. In 2016 he moved to Paris and integrated La Cité Internationale des Arts. 

Mehdi attempts to represent iconic views of deep, ancient cultures through innovative visual forms and technological methods. The dominant negative shapes of his pieces reflect a sense of respect and consideration towards nature. The result is a dramatic and finely balanced piece of art.

Mehdi imagined, designed and created sculptures for our showroom. 


yara al hasbani

Yara is a Syrian contemporary dancer. She studied ballet and contemporary dance at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus. Yara was a member of the Syrian groupe SIMA for contemporary dance. In 2013, the collective won the prize of "Arab Got Talent" in Beyrouth on a choreography explicitly hostile to Bachar El Assad.

After arriving in Europe, Yara participated in various festivals such as Dancing on the Edge (Amsterdam), Action for Hope (Berlin) and Art pour la paix (Paris). She has several solo projects, including "Unstoppable", a 12 minute dance that describes her exile. Yara's projects reflect and comment the situation in Syria and her personal engagement against the dictatorship in place. She currently lives in Paris and is a member of l'Atelier des Artistes en Exil.  

Yara choreographed & danced in the short movie released for the launch of the Capsule Collection.




Jason is a photographer & videographer native of Deauville in France. He lived for 12 years in New Caledonia and in Mexico where he developed a strong taste for travel and cultural discovery. When he returned to France in 2008, he began to practice photography in a self-taught manner. He is a well renowned photographer in the music scene, most notably the official photographer of eminent rapper Lord Esperanza.

Jason created the teaser for our Capsule Collection.


Alan Scaviner

Alan was born in Bretagne in 1993. He started shooting videos around the age of 12 with his friends with a cheap DV camera. He finds his inspiration mostly on the road taking pictures and shooting everything that falls under his objective.

Alan uses a documentary approach in his work. In 2016, he flew to the island of Haiti with Josephine Van Glabeke and co-directed a documentary entitled “Haïti, au paradis des Indiens” that was presented at the “Festival international du film insulaire” on the Island of Groix. Passionate about music, Alan always gives it a central role in his videos. He followed and shot the musician Wael Alkak in Paris and produced an experimental multimedia piece on one of his concerts.

Alan is the director of the short movie East that was released for the launch of our 1st Capsule Collection.

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